A family's journey through cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer in 2020 was a fascinating journey. My parents flew in from India for my first 2 cycles of chemo. They ended up getting stuck here since the coronavirus pandemic took over. My brother also managed to get over here in time for my 4th cycle. 

My siblings, parents, partner and friends became a shield between me and the world. We embarked on this cancer journey together. Each of them participated in their own way. My mother got smart about nutrition, becoming the person to ensure I eat healthy. My father got smart on the treatment options - the various paths to getting the best care. One twin brother read every conceivable book on cancer and realized that there was no guide for caregivers. The other twin took care of the rest - communicating with the rest of the family, and my friends. My partner took care of our home, navigating through the space we occupied. 

Together we learned what it meant to fight through cancer. We learned the many things that surround the medical aspects of this disease. 

We offer this blog as a space where we share what we've learned through this journey. It's a families response to cancer. It our journey together. 

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