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Can a mother see her child with cancer? Yes, she can.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Can a mother do it?

Yes, she can.

When a mother carries her child for nine months in her uterus, and then gives birth, it is a silent promise she makes to herself, to protect her child all her life.

When I was told that my daughter had breast cancer, all I told myself was, "I need to save her." I believe thoughts have a lot of power. I was taught that when you put all your energy into a particular thought, the thought crystallizes.

As I went around preparing Samira's meals, my husband, Sunil, would continuously research the BEST ingredients to be included.

My life is based on belief and faith. As I cooked, I would pray for Mercy. I believed that this food would protect my daughter.

This morning, Samira unpacked the books that had come in from Amazon on Integrative Oncology. As she read these books on breast cancer, she turned around and said, "Mum, there is evidence here that food you fed me has most likely helped my tumor shrink."


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