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My daughter has cancer. Is she dying?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

My daughter has cancer.

Is she dying?

I am 56 years old. For 45 years of my life, I had lived with the phantom of not being able to survive once my mother died. It has been 4 years since mum left; I am still here, living and doing my duty in life.

Deep inside it still hurts, but life moves on, while I have lost so many years in fear rather than living the joyous moments with her.

Samira had completed her six chemotherapy infusions. Surgery was over too. Now was the moment for the oncologist to decide the next move. I sat in stupor as I heard Samira being advised of the following treatments of radiation, targeted therapy, and endocrine suppressants. Each treatment gave the hope of so many more years of life. Nothing was mentioned about the effects on the quality of life.

I could imagine what Samira would now go through. I remembered her advising me not to take interferon therapy when I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. She had said, "Mum, don't kill yourself before you actually die."

A cancer relapse is very common. A 'healthy cancer survivor' is wishful thinking. But is that not what life should be: wishful thinking?

Can science guarantee a life span? No. Let us live today to the fullest.

I am not losing a moment more in fear.

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